Fight Frizz with This Simple Hack

Playing Drs. Rx: Hair Hack to Eliminate Frizz

All you need is a little hairspray and a flat iron to remove that pesky frizz! Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra explains that the cells on our hair cuticles are similar to shingles on a roof in that when hydrogen in the air bonds with the water and proteins that make up those shingles, they stay up resulting in frizzy hair. Ideally, you want to seal these shingles down.

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With this hack, all you need to do is spray hairspray onto your hair after you style it. Then, take the back of a hot flat iron, and use it to melt the resin of the hairspray which will seal those cuticles down. 

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If you don’t have a flat iron, and can stand it, you can also do a cold spray at the end of your shower to seal your hair cuticles. Or, a cold shot on the blow dryer when you finish drying.