Fathers Who Inspire, Uplift and Persevere

Playing Community Supports Widowed Dad and Infant Son

In honor of Father's Day, The Doctors look back at some of our most inspiring fathers, dads, and father figures who overcame seemingly insurmountable parenting and health challenges and managed to persevere and succeed. Take a look back at dad Derek, who tragically lost his wife to a brain hemorrhage as a result of a blood clot while she pregnant with their child.

Another inspiring dad featured on the show, impressed us with his creative solution for breastfeeding his baby while mom was away.


Dad Phil took a proactive approach to help his daughter look her best and also began teaching other dads how to care for their daughter's hair.


We also met 3-year-old Adler, who had a passion for making a good cup of coffee and his dad Andrew, who helped his toddler follow his passion.


Meet dad Chad, who ran a marathon with his quintuplets! A parenting and fitness goal that is almost hard to believe!


And when it comes to believing in yourself, this dad's morning pep talk melted our hearts and will inspire anyone needing some morning motivation!


The Doctors wish all the dads, grandfathers and father figures a happy Father's Day!


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