A Fashion-Forward Solution to Hot Flashes?

Playing Can a New Cooling Scarf Help With Your Hot Flashes?

Menopause comes with all kind of symptoms but one of the most uncomfortable is hot flashes. Two women, Ann and Terry, test out a new product claiming to help with hot flashes. These women are both willing to try anything to beat the heat! 

Sweatopause is a scarf meant to be worn around the neck to help cool women down from hot flashes. The scarf is first wet and then must be waved around in the air to keep it continually cool. Both women gave it a shot and join in the audience to share their experiences.

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Ann liked it but says it was weird having something around her neck and she doesn't think it is something she will wear all the time. She would use it for times in which she had to be outside in the heat like at a ballgame or in the desert. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon asks if she would wear it at night, a time when menopausal women often get hot flashes.

Ann says she did actually try to do this but by the time she got out of bed, got the scarf, dunked it in water and then waved it around, her hot flash was over!

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Terry also says she liked it and was surprised by how cold it was. Having to wave it around to reactivate it does draw some attention though! ER physician Dr. Travis Stork notes that Terry is very fashion-forward and asks if she would continue to use it. "It depends what colors it comes in..." Terry replies.  

Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra tries it on and says the scarf feels colder than you would expect. "For thirty dollars, this is an issue so many women struggle with... try it!"

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