Fashion Fixes to Feel Sexy at Any Size!

Playing Fashion Fixes at Any Size

Rosie Mercado joins The Doctors to share some of her favorite fashion fixes that can make a woman at any shape or size look fabulous.

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Drop a size with the "Double B" rule: Rosie says adding boots and a belt to an outfit can make it appear like you have dropped an entire size and also says it can be flattering for any shape. She says it can emphasize a woman's curves. Rosie tells us that adding these two items gives her confidence and makes her feel chic.

Thinner thighs with "side" details: If you are looking to make your legs appear longer and thinner, Rosie says side details can help to achieve this. She says she likes floral work, beaded detail, pants adorned with stones, and even a sporty stripe. Rosie suggests to "wear it with confidence."

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The rule of 3s: When it comes to colors, Rosie says to have no more than 3 colors in 1 one outfit. "Keep it basic, keep it beautiful, and remember we want all the attention to come to our beautiful face and that beautiful smile," she shares.