Family Dinner for Less Than $3 per Serving!

Playing Tasty and Healthy Meals the Entire Family Will Love

Best-selling author Lisa Leake shares with The Doctors three of her favorite recipes from her new book “100 Days of Real Food on a Budget.” Her goal in writing this book was to help people cut out processed foods without breaking the bank. She also says that a lot of her recipes are geared toward people who’ve never cooked before.

All of these recipes are easy to make at home and cost less to make yourself than they would if purchased prepackaged at the store.

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First up is Lemon & Feta Quinoa Cakes. These simple to make cakes are great as a snack, side item, or over a bed of lettuce for lunch. The cost per serving is $1.60 which saves about $2 per cake if you were to purchase in store.

Lisa then shares her recipe for a Cheesy Eggplant Bake which goes great over a whole-wheat pasta. It’s about $2.50 per serving and if you have leftovers, it's great for lunch the next day.

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Time for dessert! Lisa shares her recipe for Dark Chocolate Crumb Bars and for less than $1 per serving, you’ll want these all the time! Lisa estimates that these store-bought foods would cost at least twice as much.

Get Lisa's budget-friendly recipes, here!

Parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa briefly discusses what to do if your picky eater doesn’t want to dig in. She shares that for children, change is hard, and they like repetition. She suggests giving kids two things on their plate that are acceptable to them and one new food that is a mystery. Don’t argue but tell them that if they want seconds on the foods they like, they have to try the new food first. Also, try telling kids “how brave” they are for tasting something new.