Face and Neck Skin Care Tips

Playing Skin Care for Your Face and Neck

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The Doctors discuss how as we age our skin changes and how those changes might be more noticeable when preparing for important milestones and events.

Marilyn tells us she is prepping for her daughter's wedding in a few weeks and meets with dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra for some advice on how she can look her best for the wedding. She says her skin concerns include wrinkles, dark spots, and says her skin is not as firm as it used to be. She also says she is concerned about possibly exposing her neck in her mother of the bride dress.

Dr. Batra says there is still time for Marilyn to start a skin regimen. Dr. Batra has teamed up with No7 and recommends that Marilyn try No7 Restore & Renew Face and Neck Serum and incorporate it into her daily regimen. Dr. Batra says to apply the serum after cleansing and before moisturizing.

After trying out the serum, Marilyn -- along with her husband Izzy -- join The Doctors to discuss using the serum.

"I am thrilled with the serum. I definitely see differences in my skin and I found an amazing mother-of-the-bride dress and I'm no longer self-conscious about my neck," she shares.

Dr. Batra explains how and why our skin ages, saying, "Over time our skin loses elasticity and the texture changes. The epidermis, which is the surface layer of the skin, also begins to thin. The good news is we can make lifestyle choices that can help slow our skin from aging prematurely...  the right products can help you have healthier looking skin. But, what you put in your body is also important."

The Doctors also explain that diets that contain high levels of sugar or refined carbohydrates can accelerate aging. They also note that protection from UV rays is also essential as wrinkles are most prominent on sun-exposed areas. Marilyn asks The Doctors how she can safely get some color for wedding photos without damaging her skin. The Doctors suggest a self-tanner or a professional spray tan, which will not expose her harmful UV rays.

Dr. Batra says No7 Restore & Renew Face and Neck Serum is available at Walgreens and Walgreens.com for under $35 and says in a study, conducted by No7, that 92% showed an improvement in skin firmness.

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