Exercises to Repair and Tone Abs after Giving Birth

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Like many moms after giving birth, dentist and fitness trainer Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux wanted to flatten her abs, but she had diastasis recti. She shares with The Doctors how she healed without having to undergo surgery.

Dr. Kelly gave birth to 4 children in just 5 years and was left with a 3 to 4 separation between her abs, something that would usually require cosmetic surgery to fix. Instead of going under the knife, she set out to heal herself with a combination of physical therapy and breathing techniques. She is now helping other women who are feeling discouraged about this side effect of birth and now teaches others the techniques she used to heal herself.

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She says the key to her success has been the breathing techniques that she does all day, including while driving and working.

Coral, a mom to 3 children, joins the show to share that she felt like she still looked pregnant after delivering. her kids The mom explains she tried to address it with eating right and getting plenty of exercise, but it was not been effective. She began working with Dr. Kelly and has had amazing results and now has rock-hard abs!

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Dr. Kelly and Coral share the exercises and techniques that she says can flatten those abs and may even give you a 6-pack -- see the core moves in action, in the video below.

*Bonus tip that anyone can do while sitting down at work: Dr. Kelly says to avoid breathing through the chest, but instead fill your belly with air and while exhaling engage the abs. She says to not hold your breath, but to keep engaging your core as you breathe. For instance, count up to 10 and then release the breath. 

Plus, here are two bonus moves from Dr. Kelly

Heel slides: These are a great beginner exercise to do when regaining core strength. Lay on your back. Bend both knees and bring your heels in close to your butt. Take a core breath and as you exhale engage your abs. Do not hold your breath but maintain this core engagement as you slide on leg out away from your body until your leg is flat on the ground. Do not allow your belly to bulge outward. Go slow and controlled. Return to the start position. Take another core breath while engaging the core on the exhale. Repeat 5 times each leg then repeat entire sequence 3 times on each leg. This seem very basic but can be quite challenging.

Mini fire hydrant: Get down on the floor and go onto your hands and knees. Stack your knees under your hips with knees hip width apart. Have your wrists in line with your shoulders. Use the Abs After Babies core breathing technique to engage your abs but do to hold your breathe. Keep back flat and hips steady and parallel to the ground. Slowly lift one leg out to the side with a bent knee about 5 inches off the ground. Focus on engaging the core and keeping the hips parallel to the ground. Go slow and controlled. Return the knee to the start position and repeat. Do 5 reps each leg and repeat 3 times.

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Playing The Post-Baby Exercises to Do for a 6-Pack

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