Exercise and Fitness Tricks to Keep You Motivated


Have you lost your New Year's exercise motivation already? It's not too late to kickstart your fitness and improve your health.

The Doctors love these tips from Real Simple that can help you stay active, keep moving and stick to that fitness resolution you made just a few months ago!

Invest in new workout shoes: If your running or workout shoes are years-old, it is time to get a new pair. New lighter shoes will provide better arch support and shock absorption, plus, who doesn't love new shoes?

Mix up how you stay active: Instead of only doing the bike or running, change up your workout routine with hiking, swimming, or a new fitness class.

Pay yourself to exercise!?: A study found when weight loss was monetized that 62 percent of the participants completed their weight loss goals, compared to just 26 percent when there was not a money incentive. Try setting a fitness goal and treating yourself with cash for something frivolous if you succeed.

Go past your goals: If your goal is to exercise for 30 minutes, add on 10 more minutes once you reach your goal. The experts say this can help you build on existing benchmarks and then inspire you to go bigger and further.

Start your day prepared to move: Just like meal-prepping, Real Simple notes you prepare for exercise as well. Pack your gym bag the night before, or layout your workout clothes for the entire week. This will help you avoid creating excuses to skip the gym, your run, or walk.

Come dressed for fitness success: Athleisure is a fashion staple for many, so if you are running errands in your workout clothes it will be easy to work in a workout when you are already dressed to exercise. 

Focus on your overall health, not the scale: The experts explain people succeed the most when their focus is on overall health and not weight or appearance. So instead of thinking your workout is simply about the number on the scale, think broader about how the workout will benefit your physical and emotional well-being.

Work in your workout wherever you are: Fitness can take place anywhere, and not just at the gym. The Doctors have a workout you can do in your kitchen. Also, exercises you can do from your couch! And even, how you can get in a great workout with 4 paper plates and 2 chairs.

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Playing 4 Moves That You Can Do in Your Kitchen for an Exercise Snack!

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