Exclusive: Dr. Travis and New Wife Parris Share Wedding & Honeymoon Details

Playing Dr. Travis Stork Is a ‘Bachelor’ No More!

The Doctors are happy to celebrate ER physician Dr. Travis Stork's exciting wedding news! Dr. Travis and new wife Parris share exclusive details about their summer wedding and 2-part honeymoon.

"I picked up some hardware and got married," Dr. Travis says, showing off his wedding ring. "We had a great summer. We had a perfect wedding, very low-key. I think we had a perfect honeymoon too."

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"It was great," Parris shares, revealing their honeymoon included trips to Costa Rica and two islands in Hawaii. "It was amazing. It was really fun."

Dr. Travis also reveals details of how he and Parris first met, saying it was frequent Doctors' guest Dr. Chris Strandburg, who introduced the pair at a chance encounter at dinner. Dr. Strandburg says the couple's relationship quickly took off after he made the introduction.

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"The next thing I knew they were going on dates, and I was the third wheel," the dentist says.

The Doctors have an exclusive look at amazing wedding photos from Dr. Travis and Parris' big day in the video below! Plus, find out what Parris thinks is Dr. Travis' most annoying habit and how he knew he had met "the one" in a Doctors' Newlywed Game!


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