Exclusive: Aaron Carter Reveals Huffing Addiction

Playing Aaron Carter Comes Clean about His Addiction to Huffing

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

In a Doctors' exclusive, Aaron Carter reveals details about an addiction battle he has never spoken publicly about. 

"It's something I have kept secret from the whole world until now," he tells Dr. Travis Stork and clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho, revealing he has an addiction to huffing. He says it began when he was 16 and his now-deceased sister Leslie introduced him to it. He says he really began doing it regularly in 2009 after appearing on "Dancing with The Stars." He says the last time he huffed was before entering rehab in 2017.

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While in the midst of his huffing addiction, Aaron says he would go to various office supply stores to get aerosols and compressed air dusting products that he would then inhale. He says he would use cash to buy the products in order to avoid having a paper trail of his purchases. 

"I was huffing because I was really f****** stupid and sad... I was huffing because I was a drug addict. I'm a drug addict. I'm a drug addict in recovery," Aaron continues, revealing that after his 2017 rehab stint he immediately relapsed after his release and he checked himself back into rehab again for huffing. 

Dr. Travis says huffing can be just as detrimental to someone's health as other types of drugs.

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At the request of Aaron, we gave the singer -- who previously shared he was taking Xanax, Seroquel, Gabapentin, Hydroxyzine, Trazodone -- a drug test and Dr. Travis reveals the results. 

According to the test (which goes back 90 days), Aaron was positive for marijuana, extended opiates (like hydrocodone), and benzodiazepines. Aaron says the reason he tested positive for opiates is that he took hydrocodone after undergoing dental work.

Aaron repeatedly tells Dr. Travis and Dr. Judy that he considers himself sober, despite his marijuana use. Dr. Judy stresses that people with a history of addiction often have negative reactions to marijuana and that using a substance like cannabis does not mean someone is truly sober. Aaron says he plans on giving up marijuana and acknowledges that it may be affecting his medications. He also says he wants to taper off of some of his prescribed medications.

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Dr. Judy commends Aaron on how much progress he has made in the 2 years since first appearing on The Doctors and she offers to give the singer a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation. Find out if Aaron is open to the offer in the video below.


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