EpiPen Costs Are Causing People to Make Their Own

Playing Rising Costs of EpiPens Have Some People Making Their Own

The price of epinephrine auto-injectors, better known as EpiPens, are rising and some people are taking matters into their own hands – literally!

The device that is used during a during a severe allergic reaction can cost over $600 dollars, but a mathematician has figured out how to make one for only $35 dollars and shared how others can do it in a video posted online.

The Doctors do not like that an EpiPen costs so much and worry about a DIY approach to getting medication.

“Let’s just say you’re having a life-threatening allergic reaction, and your DIY doesn’t work. Well, what is the risk? You [can] die,” ER physician Dr. Travis Stork warns.

The Doctors also note that a DIY EpiPen could lead to getting an incorrect dosage. They again stress how wrong it is that the price of the device has increased so much in recent years, noting that in 2009 a two-pack of EpiPens cost approximately $100 dollars, and now a pack of two costs 6 times as much.

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