Elderly Binge Drinking on the Rise?

Playing Binge Drinking on the Rise in Elderly Communities?

It appears binge drinking is not something just for young people! It turns out grandma and grandpa are indulging in more than a few drinks on a regular basis.

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The Doctors discuss a study which found that 1 in 10 older American binge drink, which is usually defined as more than 5 drinks for a man and more than 4 drinks for a woman. The study found that 50 percent of nursing home residents were found to have alcohol-related problems.

The panel notes that as we age, we metabolize alcohol less effectively, and having just a few drinks for an older person is like a younger person having numerous drinks. Also, the liver does not process alcohol quickly, meaning you could be feeling the effect of the alcohol for longer than a young person.

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The panel says this story is a great example of being mindful of your alcohol intake if you are elderly, or if you have elderly loved ones. They also note that drinking can affect health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes gastritis, pancarditis and also interfere with certain medications.


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