Eat Nuts Daily to Boost Male Fertility?

Playing Drs. Rx: Does Eating Nuts Daily Boost Male Fertility?

Could your fertility issues be solved by eating more nuts?

The Doctors are joined by urologist expert Dr. Aaron Spitz to discuss how men who eat nuts daily have higher fertility rates. According to a study, men who ate the food every day were found to have a 16 percent higher sperm count compared to men who did not.

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Dr. Spitz says that in addition to increasing the count, it also helped the sperm mobility and quality. He goes on to explain that it is not just nuts that can help a man's fertility, but also vegetables and fruits -- when eaten in their natural and unprocessed state -- have been shown to improve the health of sperm.

"If you want better sperm, go to your produce section," Dr. Spitz adds.

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork also notes that nuts can be a great food swap, and suggests the next time you are craving something sweet like a cookie, to instead eat nuts. He says they are filling and high in the healthy types of fat that the body needs.

Also in the video above, The Doctors discuss how eating nuts may be linked to losing weight.

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