Eat Fish to Live Longer!

Playing Drs. Rx: The Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Fish

The Doctors share another reason why fish should have a place in your diet! A study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine looked at over half a million people for 16 years. Both men and women who ate fish like salmon, cod, and haddock cut their risk of cardiovascular disease by 10% and lowered their risk of mortality overall. 

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Men had a 37% reduction in chronic liver disease mortality and women had a 38% reduction in Alzheimer's mortality.

There are tons of fish out there to try and The Doctors share some of their favorites. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry is into catfish, plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon likes branzino, and ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says halibut may be his favorite! 

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Dr. Travis makes one caveat: watch out for fish with high levels of mercury. Dr. Nita adds this is especially important for pregnant and breastfeeding women.