Easy Ways to Stay Cool and Beat the Summer Heat

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Summer heat is here and in many parts of the country it will stick around for months! The Doctors share tips from the experts on how to stay cool and make the most of warm weather.

First and foremost --The Doctors stress to always wear sunscreen while outside this summer and make sure you are staying properly hydrated. Real Simple shares simple tips on how to cool down when you cannot escape the heat that we love.

- Cooldown a room with a damp or wet sheet hanging in the window - the evaporating water will cool the incoming air

- Close curtains and windows when the sun is shining and keep doors and windows in rooms you are not using closed to conserve the cool air

- A DIY air conditioner (a bowl of ice placed in front of a fan) will help if it is hot and not humid (ideal in desert areas)

- Make sure your air conditioner filters and vents are clean and replace them when needed

- If you have a fireplace, shut the damper to keep cool air from escaping the room

- Use a fan in addition to your AC to circulate the cool air more effectively

- Spritz and spray yourself (especially your wrists and face) with cool water while out in the heat

- Turn off electronics that emit heat like your computer or laptop

- Skip using the oven, dryer, and dishwasher -- which can heat up the kitchen -- instead use the microwave, stovetop, or BBQ, air dry your dishes, and line dry laundry

- Dress in loose clothes made from fabrics that breathe and wick away sweat

- Going barefoot when appropriate is an easy way to quickly cool down

- Eat spicy foods as food ingredients like capsaicin can help you feel cool when the weather is warm

- Eat light meals with plenty of fruits and veggies as heavy and fatty foods are harder to digest and can make you feel sluggish

- Real Simple suggests filling a sock with dried rice and freezing it to use as a cold compress

- Keep your bathroom dry and turn on the bathroom fan when you shower -- or take a cold shower

- Lower your thermostat in your bedroom while sleeping, which should ideally be somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees

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