Easy Ways Relieve Stress and Combat Anxiety

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Feeling stressed out or extra anxious right now? You are not alone, and combating your feelings of stress and anxiety might feel difficult  -- sometimes they might even feel impossible to squash -- but there are many ways you can address it and some of them are actually fun.

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If your stress is coronavirus-related, The Doctors share how baking can de-stress you in 5 different ways, how this Greek yogurt recipe can be a tasty and healthy way to calm you, and 3 easy self-care tips from clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho that are simple and can be done with things in your house

Real Simple also suggests some great methods to combat stress and it can all be accomplished with some online retail therapy.

Ditch the Weight of the World for the Weight of a Blanket - Weighted blankets are said to help ease stress and may help you get a better night of sleep. We love these affordable options and also these more luxurious blanket choices.

Switch from Coffee to Tea - Are you drinking too much coffee these days? Consider adding more tea to your daily routine. The amino acid L-theanine, which is found in tea leaves, is said to help combat stress and caffeine-free brews like chamomile are a great option to have before bed. We love this collection of loose teas leaves from India and how cute is this pink mug and diffuser set!?

Get More Light in Your Life -- Literally! - Are you spending too much time indoors? You might benefit from light therapy, which has been shown to boost mood when used for around 30 minutes. Check out this highly rated and affordable light therapy option.

Shelter in a Greener Place - If you're not spending enough time in nature right now, bring Mother Nature to you. In addition to helping to purify the air in your home,  having houseplants has reportedly been shown to help with stress, and taking care of something like a plant can be rewarding. These plants are great starter options, are easy to care for, and hard to kill.

What's That Essential Smell? - Essential oils will not only help to ease your stress, but they will also make your home smell great. We love this highly-rated plug-in option and this classic diffuser, no plug required.

Embrace Your Artistic Side - Shifting your attention to something creative can easily help you feel more at ease and will certainly help occupy your time. We love this book with 365 art ideas which will last you all year, this adult coloring book designed for relaxation, this bestseller on how you can learn origami, and this book which claims it can teach you how to draw in 30 days

Calm Your Mind While Working out your Body - Yoga's benefits are plentiful, including stress and anxiety relief, along with helping to improve your fitness and activity levels -- and it can easily be done from home. These are some yoga basics you need to get started (all highly rated with thousands of reviews). If you need a yoga mat, yoga blocks, and or yoga straps -- we love these affordable and stylish, and colorful options.  

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