Easy Food Swaps and Lifestyle Changes to Boost Energy

eating a healthy breakfast

Your energy level during the day can be related to a slew of things -- age, genetics, and sleep -- but Real Simple says there are lifestyle and diet changes you can make to give yourself a boost.

Registered dietitian nutritionist Samantha Cassetty suggests 3 simple changes and food swaps you can make to improve your energy that The Doctors love.

Start Your Day with a Healthy and Balanced Breakfast

She stresses to never skip breakfast or eat a breakfast that is too carb-heavy and notes, "Your body naturally breaks down muscle tissue at night, and if you aren't rebuilding muscle tissue by supplying the building blocks at breakfast, your digestion and energy can start to slow down." She says protein-rich foods are the best way to start your day, and if you enjoy eating toast, top it with poached eggs, smoked salmon, or hummus.

Avoid Snacking Close to Bedtime

The nutritionist explains eating before bed could affect your sleep quality, appetite hormones, and your body's metabolic processes -- all of which could affect your energy level the next day. Samantha says to quit eating 2 hours before bed, and if you are feeling hungry after dinner, consider adding in more healthy and filling foods to your last meal of the day.

Cook at home and Skip Processed Meals

If your energy levels are low, it could be due to eating too many processed foods. The registered dietitian says meals you make at home will likely be healthier, as you have more control of the ingredients and how it is prepared. She notes preparing and eating whole foods as often as possible will give you more energy.

If you need a snack between meals, Samantha suggests picking something like Greek yogurt, eggs, nuts, seeds, olives, fruits, and veggies -- and avoid the vending machine or anything packaged if possible

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