Dry January's Surprising Benefits - Some after Just 1 Week

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Giving up drinking alcohol for the first month of the year, known as Dry January, can provide you with a slew of health benefits and some can be felt after just 1 week.

Bustle spoke to medical and health experts who shared that after just 7 days without alcohol some may feel better rested because giving up drinking alcohol can help to restore one's standard sleep pattern. Additionally, after a week, liver enzyme levels (which rise when you drink) can lower, mental acuity (which aids in problem-solving, decision making, learning, concentration and, creativity) can improve, and also your mood, social interactions, and productivity can also benefit.

Additional health benefits that you might see and feel from Dry January include: 

Improved energy levels - Because drinking can negatively affect someone's sleep, improved rest will likely lead to better energy during your day, and can also result in having workouts that feel more productive.

Improved hydration - Drinking can lead to dehydration and giving it up will help you stay hydrated and avoid thirst, headaches, and feeling hungry -- plus this can improve your skin and give you a healthy glow.

Decrease disease risk - Unfortunately, drinking can increase someone's risk for numerous diseases, and quitting helps to prevent chronic hypertension, can lower blood pressure, improve one's digestive system, prevent developing acid reflux, and also reduce liver fat.

Boost brain health - Health experts believe 30 days without alcohol can lower the risk for dementia and memory loss because drinking can lead to suppression of certain neurotransmitters, and not drinking allows the brain's pathways to operate as intended without being disrupted.

Improved sex - Despite what we've all been told and seen in movies and TV, alcohol can actually negatively affect someone's sex life and has been linked to erectile dysfunction and decreased vaginal lubrication.

If you still want to feel like you're indulging with a non-alcoholic drink, check out these recipes for 3 Dry January mocktails!

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