Dry and Straighten Your Hair Three Times Faster?

Playing Hair Dryer Claims to Dry and Straighten Three Times Faster?

Could the time you spend getting ready be 3 times as fast with a new type of hairdryer? The Doctors put a new product to the test to find out if you need to add it to your beauty arsenal or if it's something you can blow off.

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We welcome Tia, Laura, and Hayley to try out the RevAir hairdryer. Tina says she spends 3 hours straightening her hair. Laura wants more manageability from her frizzy hair. Hayley likes having options with her look and is looking for a device to straighten and also help her wear it curly.

The Doctors explain that the device uses flowing suction and minimal heat to dry and straighten, while also minimizing the dreaded frizz by pulling moisture away from the hair instead of blasting it with hot air.

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Find out what our testers thought about the RevAir in the video below!


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