Drug Dealer Reports Stolen Cocaine to Police!?

Playing Drug Dealer Reports Stolen Drugs to Cops

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors have discussed a number of odd crimes, but the report of an alleged drug dealer calling the cops about narcotics he says were stolen had our panel scratching their heads and laughing.

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A Florida man reportedly called the cops and identified himself as a drug dealer and told authorities that someone allegedly broke into his vehicle and stole cash and a one-quarter ounce of cocaine.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho questions if the man might have been under the influence during the incident, saying, "The decision-making capacities were not there."

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Judge Mary Chrzanowski (a.k.a. "Judge Scary Mary") tells The Doctors that while she served on the bench that she encountered numerous cases like this. "They're not thinking... or their brains are fried from the use of drugs. So, they are not thinking rationally," she says.

The Doctors note that the abuse of cocaine, and many other types of drugs, over a period of time, can have an effect on your brain functioning.