Drinking a Gallon of Water Does These Amazing Things to Your Body!

Drinking water
Drinking water

Have you drunk enough water today? Here are all the reasons you need to go pour yourself another glass!

Bustle shares what happens to our bodies when we drink a gallon of water each day.

Digestion help: When you drink water with meals, it helps to dissolve food better in your stomach and if you are constipated, it can help get things moving and flowing properly.

Improves physical activity and exercise: Being properly hydrated will help your body maintain blood volume and also boost how much oxygen is sent to your muscles as your exercise.

Fights hunger pains: The health experts say if you are consistent with your water throughout the day, you will feel full for longer after meals.

Keeps kidneys in top form: Your kidneys expel salts and toxins from the body and the more hydrated you are, the better they work.

Increases the number of steps in a day: More water means more trips to the bathroom, which helps keeps you moving and avoid sitting for too long.

Boosts energy: Dehydration can lead to fatigue, so if you are properly hydrating throughout the day, it can help you feel less groggy and more energized.

Reduce frequency of headaches: A common cause of headaches is not drinking enough water, and health experts suggest drinking a gallon of water each day if headaches are common in your life.

Better skin: According to studies, drinking just half a gallon of water may help to improve the thickness of the skin.

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