Dr. Travis' Budget-Friendly Meals from 'The Lose Your Belly Diet'

Playing Budget-Friendly Dinners from ‘The Lose Your Belly Diet’

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork continues to help us eat healthy foods and save money with more recipes from his book, “The Lose Your Belly Diet.”

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He shares that going out for a chicken dinner will set you back approximately $16 dollars, but his "One Pan Tuscan Garlic Chicken with White Beans," will only cost $2 dollars per serving.

If you are craving a frittata, in a restaurant it will cost you on average around $13 dollars, but his "Broccoli Cheddar Main Dish Frittata" is just $2.50 per serving.

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"Eating at home is good for your waistline, good for your wallet and doesn't have to be difficult," Dr. Travis says.

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"The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life," is published by Ghost Mountain Books, which is owned, in part, by The Doctors’ Executive Producer. You can pick up a special edition of The Lose Your Belly Diet, with a bonus chapter and recipes included, at select Sam’s Club and Walmart locations.