Dr. Ordon’s Hair Restoration Surgery!

Playing Dr. Ordon’s Hair Restoration!

The following material contains graphic images of an actual surgery that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children.

The surgeon becomes the patient as plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon visits hair transplant surgeon Dr. Craig Ziering to undergo a hair restoration procedure. Dr. Ziering performs a procedure in which the back of the head is shaved and that hair is then harvested and moved to the front of the head where balding and thinning occurs. Dr. Ziering says in this procedure Dr. Ordon acts as both the donor and the recipient!

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The Doctors watch as Dr. Ordon gets shaved and then Dr. Ziering makes tiny incisions for where the hair grafts are going to be placed. Six weeks after the procedure, Dr. Ordon talks with Dr. Ziering on Skype to discuss how it all went!

Dr. Ordon shares that he initially had little buds that were growing where the hair grafts were placed. He has since lost those and now has to wait a couple of months for all the hair to grow in at full scale. 

Dr. Ziering discusses again how the procedure works, sharing that he is able to do it without any scaring. He explains the hairs that have fallen out have left bulbs that will remain and form new hair underneath. There is a resting period of 3-4 months and then the hair slowly starts to regrow at 4 months on out to 12 months resulting in natural looking results. He shares this procedure is not only for men but also for many women who suffer from hair loss.

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Dr. Ordon was the ideal candidate with nice donor hair and realistic expectations! He also had patience given that the procedure took 12-14 hours! There was some bruising afterward (Dr. Ordon shares the photos to prove it) but all of that has since gone away. The best news is the results of his hair transplant will last, “as long as Dr. Ordon lasts,” Dr. Ziering says.

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