Dr. Nita's Best 'Down There' Tips and Advice!

Playing Could an Apple a Day Keep the OB/GYN Away?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry is our expert when it comes to women's sexual health and we're taking a look at some of her best tips, advice, and suggestions for a healthy and happy vagina.

She shares there are some surprising foods that may help to improve vaginal health, which include: 

  • Apples: She says, "Apparently an apple a day might keep your gyno away." She explains that a study has found that eating an apple a day can help with dryness. She notes that while the study was small and some people who eat an apple daily might not find they are less dry, but she notes that eating an apple a day can't hurt.
  • Salmon: Our resident OB/GYN explains the popular fish can help to fight inflammation and menstrual cramps and in some women, it can help to fend off endometriosis.
  • Tofu: Dr. Nita says eating tofu can help improve your pelvic floor, as it's high in Vitamin D, and a lack of the vitamin can be associated with a weaker pelvic floor.

Speaking of eating healthy, hear what Dr. Nita says about the “panty challenge” and its claims that changing what you eat and drink can eliminate one's discharge.



Dr. Nita also weighs in on whether blow-drying after sex can help cut down on recurrent yeast infections


And what about hair loss down there? Is it normal and to be expected as we age? See what Dr. Nita has to say about being follically-challenged in that area.


Dr. Nita also spends a great deal with time debunking often-absurd online claims regarding women's sexual health -- including this one about worms!?


And cucumbers!?


And even ground wasp nests? Yes, that is a practice some people try, and Dr. Nita weighs in on the absurd claim!


The Doctors discuss how some people believe hydrogen peroxide can help clean the vagina, but what does our OB/GYN think about it? 


And lastly, some think adding some glitter to their sex life in the form a glitter bomb can help make things more exciting in the bedroom, but Dr. Nita strongly discourages the use of glitter during your intimate moments.