Dr. Jedidiah Ballard’s Six-Pack Secrets

Playing 6-Pack Supplements – What’s the Real Deal?

Emergency room physician Dr. Jedidiah Ballard’s six-pack is proof that he knows what he’s talking about. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon asks him about six-pack supplements, can they really give you washboard abs? Dr. Jedidiah explains that supplement companies are a multi-billion-dollar industry because people are always looking for a "quick-fix."

There are two types of supplements. The first is stimulant-based where caffeine is the active ingredient. Dr. Jedidiah says there are about four different ways you can name caffeine so people think they are getting this fancy exotic ingredient when they're not. He says caffeine is mildly effective but no better than regular coffee. Dr. Jedidiah says he just drinks coffee which tastes better and provides antioxidants.

The second type of supplement is one where CLA is the active ingredient. CLA is found naturally in dairy and meats. Dr. Jedidiah says he sometimes eats organic meat and dairy so he gets CLA naturally but doesn’t take supplements. He shares that the largest study done on CLA supplements only had 180 people in it and they found that without other changes, there was a four-pound weight loss in a year. Dr. Jedidiah says if it’s worth the money for you to lose four pounds, it is safe, but he advises just eating a regular healthy diet instead.

Watch: Dr. Abs 6-Pack Moves

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry asks if anybody can get abs. She wants to know if genetics play a part. Dr. Jedidiah says they do, but some people have less work to do, others have more, but he believes it’s possible for everybody! 

Dr. Jedidiah shares his three six-pack secrets:

Six-Pack Secret #1: AM Walk 
Dr. Jedidiah says a morning walk is good for your mind and your soul. He recommends a half hour to an hour or whatever amount of time you have. Dr. Jedidiah explains that when you exercise first thing in the morning, you can burn up to 300% more energy coming from the fat stores. Don’t eat before your walk because you want to stay in your fasted state from when you were asleep.

Six-Pack Secret #2: High-Intensity Cardio
These are workouts with bursts of very high intensity for a short amount of time followed by periods of rest and then repeated. The whole workout is only for about 20 – 25 minutes. When you do these sprint-type workouts, your body goes into glycolysis, where you are draining energy stores from your muscles and for about a 12-hour period, your basic metabolic rate goes up, so you can burn more calories throughout the day. You can do this on separate days from your morning walk if time is short.

Six-Pack Secret #3: Protein-Filled Bedtime Snack
Before bed, have a low-calorie snack with some protein to maintain muscle tissue so it’s not breaking down throughout the night. Dr. Jedidiah suggests cottage cheese or some protein powder and water. This is not to replace dinner but it should be about three hours after. 

Dr. Ordon says these are great tips but aren’t there some general moves to carve and shape those abs? There are, and Dr. Jedidiah demonstrates two of his favorites – bicycle crunches and a plank. For his last move, he grabs someone from the audience to help. This guy has some insane, air-borne ab moves! Turns out, this is Joel, Dr. Jedidiah’s younger brother! Check out their “ab-off” below! 

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