Double Chin Fix without Surgery?

Playing Can This Couple Lose Their Double Chins Together?

Can a double chin be fixed without going under the knife? We put a laser treatment to the test which claims to fix a double chin with husband and wife Alana and Chris, who both unhappy with their under-neck bulge.

Watch: The No Downtime Neckline Fix!

Nurse Jaime, a celebrity skincare expert, explains the treatment lasts for 25 minutes and involves a series of heated lasers. She says the results of the treatment can take 6 to 12 weeks to see, with many patients seeing results after 2 weeks.  

The couple and nurse Jamie join the show 5 to 6 weeks after the treatment, and both Alana and Chris say they are very happy with results. Alana says every week that passes, she feels it looks better.

Watch: No Downtime Neckline Results

Nurse Jaime says the light-based treatment "bypasses the skin [and] destroy the fat." She also says it is a permanent reduction and costs $600 to $700 per treatment.   

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon says he prefers liposuction to reduce fat in this area and feels freezing or melting fat can be too unpredictable.