Don’t Squeeze, Scrape! New Device to Banish Blackheads?

Playing New Blackhead Buster Put to the Test!

If you have blackheads, you’re probably tempted to try and pop or squeeze them out. The Doctors are testing out a new device claiming to remove blackheads by scraping them away! Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon is in the green room with Alex and Tina who are testing it out.

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The ultrasonic skin scrubbing spatula is all over the internet and costs range anywhere from around $40 to $150. The vibrating device claims to clean out pores and may also help with dry flaky skin as well as aiding in a rosy appearance to the skin. 

Alex and Tina, both dissatisfied with their clogged pores, give it a try. The face should be slightly damp before the vibrating “spatula” is used. Dr. Ordon says he could see a difference and this combined with a really good opening of the pores makes this product a buzz! Alex says it did more than anything else she has tried and Tina liked how it was easy to use and how it fits along the curves of her face.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry notes that adult acne is increasing and up to 15% of all adult women have it. She likes that this product is now another option to fight blackheads.

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