Don't Let Your Joints Hold You Back from Living Your Best Life!

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We depend on our joints for movement and if you are one of the many Americans who has joint discomfort, you may find yourself holding back from new experiences. The Doctors meet Lisa, a 53-year-old woman, who loves athletics and new adventures! However, for the past four years, her joint discomfort caused her to avoid a lot of the activities she used to do. She has an upcoming trip to Ireland next month and wants to go ziplining but fears the impact at the end. Can The Doctors help her out?

Joining The Doctors to answer Lisa's questions is orthopedic sports medicine surgeon and Move Free spokesperson, Dr. Chris Potts.

Dr. Nita explains more about joints. "Joints are the areas where our bones come together and they are cushioned by cartilage, which is a smooth rubbery covering at the end of our bones. But over time or with stress being put on the joints, cartilage can begin to wear away causing bones to rub together," explains Dr. Nita. This rubbing can create a lot of discomfort. 

Dr. Potts adds that any joint can be affected by this but the most common upper extremity joints include hands, wrists and shoulders, while the most common lower extremity weight-bearing joints are the hips, knees and lumbar spine. Lisa says her wrists, hips, elbows and neck are what bothers her the most. She wonders if it's just due to aging.

Dr. Ordon says aging can be a factor, but is not the only culprit. People can also experience joint discomfort due to being overweight which puts additional stress on the joints. Also, the more your body is used rigorously, the faster you tend to notice joint issues.

For acute discomfort, you can apply ice to the joints for 15-20 minutes a few times each day. Also, a heating pad or warm shower or tub can help relax muscles and increase circulation.

Dr. Potts also advises Lisa to consider a supplement. He recommends Move Free Ultra Faster Comfort because just one tiny pill is clinically proven to start working in just seven days! He says this makes it a superior alternative to Glucosamine Chondroitin.

In his profession, he sees a lot of injuries and joint discomfort. He recommends it to his patients because taking 2-3 large Glucosamine Chondroitin tablets can be difficult to swallow and may deter people from taking them daily as directed. Plus, it keeps improving comfort with continued use.

Lisa wants to know where to find Move Free Ultra Faster Comfort and Dr. Potts tells her it's available now on and will be in Walmart stores in June! Enter for your chance to win a Walmart gift card, here

As always, The Doctors recommend talking to your doctor before starting any supplements. 

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