Don't Let These 'Sex Mishaps' Ruin the Moment!

Playing Most Dangerous Positions in Bed?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

Could your choices on your next date or while in the bedroom lead to a sexual mishap?!

When it comes to sex, you might reconsider "positions." The Doctors and urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz discuss the “positions” that, according to a new study of 90 men with penile fractures, were responsible for the most injuries during sex.

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Dr. Spitz says if a fracture does occur to seek out medical attention immediately and go to the emergency room. He explains that in addition to a rupture within the penis during a fracture, in 20 percent of these cases the urethra is severed. To avoid fractures, Dr. Spitz says to take "the path of least resistance."

The Doctors also note the importance of one's sex drive and share there are things that can kill your drive. They share that consuming these items can affect your desire and ability to be intimate.

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Microwave popcorn: They say that some microwave popcorn bags contain PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate), a chemical which can theoretically affect one's sex drive and libido.

Alcohol: The Doctors share that consuming alcohol can affect those with erectile dysfunction or impotence.

So on your next at-home movie date night, you might want to consider skipping the popcorn and drinks.