Don’t Leave Your Child Tongue-Tied!

Playing Tongue-Ties: What Parents Need to Know

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains why it’s important to address a child’s tongue-tie early on. It’s estimated that 10% of infants are affected by this condition. This occurs when the tongue is fixed in a way that it’s a short distance from the frenulum, which is the structure that attaches the tongue to the floor of the oral cavity. The tongue is pushed out which can cause several issues. 

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Very early on, tongue-tied babies may have trouble breastfeeding. This may also be painful for the mother. As they develop, eating, drinking and development of speech may all prove difficult. 

Dr. Ordon demonstrates on a model of the mouth how the problem can be fixed with an incision of the frenulum. He says if done early, it’s not too traumatic and will heal quickly. If parents wait to get this done on their child, the severity of issues, as well as the surgery, will increase. 

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Psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major brings up the point that if children go to school with this disorder, their issues with breathing and speech may lead to bullying, setting them up for psychological problems in the future. 

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