Don't Be Fooled by These Seemingly Healthy Instagrammable Food Trends!

Playing How Social Media Could Be Sabotaging Your Diet?

You may see Instagram posts touting certain foods as healthy and good for you, but you shouldn't take everything at face value; some of these foods may actually be killing your diet. The Doctors share two particular foods that have gained popularity in the health food communities on social media: acai bowls and fat bombs (aka fat balls).

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Acai bowls look beautiful and healthy but just one can pack as many as 50g of sugar in it! That's the same amount equivalent to four donuts! Furthermore, it's twice as much sugar as the American Heart Association recommends women eat in an entire day.

Many of the ones you buy commercially use apple juice as a base, which is a "fructose bomb full of sugar," says dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra. She suggests subbing out unsweetened nut milk or juice for the fruit juice. Also, be careful of the toppings you chose. Stick with fresh fruits and other low-calorie options as opposed to those higher in fat. If making at home, you can even blend in some leafy greens or beets to up the nutrients!

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Fat bombs have been made popular due to the keto diet, and they are made with fat to keep you satiated for a long period of time. Four of these small balls could tack on an additional 600 calories to your diet. Try to use nut butter instead of coconut oil as the base. Nut butter has less saturated fat; 60% versus 90% in coconut oil.

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