Does Your Weight Affect the 'Morning After' Pill?

Playing The ‘Morning After’ Pill Only Works for Women Under a Certain Weight?

The Doctors share some alarming new research women need to know about the "morning after" pill. 

According to research, a women's weight is linked to how effective emergency contraception is and studies have shown that if you weigh more than 175 pounds, the pill had little to no effect at preventing pregnancy.

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OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry notes that currently, the FDA does not warn women about the possible link between weight and the effectiveness of the over-the-counter medication as they are waiting for more trials and studies. Dr. Nita goes on to explain that other options for women include a prescription medication or a copper IUD, noting the latter option is the most effective form of emergency contraception, regardless of the patient's weight. She explains a doctor must place the IUD and it needs to occur within 5 days after unprotected intercourse.

So why does someone's weight affect how emergency contraception may work?

Dr. Nita says it may be due to blood volume and the medication becoming diluted in a women's system or possibly the patient's body might be metabolizing the medication differently.

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She encourages patients to speak to their doctor about the risks and benefits of each form of birth control.


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