Does Weight Loss Mean Smaller Breasts?

Playing How to Get a Flat Tummy without Flattening Your Chest

A viewer uses the hashtag #askthedoctors to inquire if it’s possible to lose weight without losing her breasts. Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon explains that breasts are largely composed of fat so if you lose weight you’re likely to see a change in your breasts.

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Dr. Ordon adds that everyone is different in regards to where they lose fat on their body during weight loss. Genetics play a part; some people have more breast fat and less tissue than others. What is under your control? Good breast health, which The Doctors note can be achieved with exercise. They suggest working those pec muscles to keep your chest toned.

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If you do go through a massive weight-loss metamorphosis and are left with loose skin, Dr. Ordon shares that there are many cosmetic surgery options to address this.