Does Vitamin C Actually Treat a Cold?

Playing Vitamin C Can Treat a Cold – Myth or Reality?

Most of us have been told to take Vitamin C to treat a cold, but does it really help to treat it? The Doctors weigh in on this common health claim!

We asked our viewers if they believe if Vitamin C helps to treat a cold, and 64 percent of our viewers told us they, in fact, do think the supplement helps. But otolaryngologist and author of “Hype” expert Dr. Nina Shapiro says, "This a myth!"

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"Vitamin C does not treat colds, it does not prevent colds. That being said, if you feel Vitamin C is helping you prevent and treat colds, then take it,” she continues, noting that it is "pretty harmless."

She feels for many patients the supplement has a placebo effect, which she acknowledges can be beneficial for some who are feeling under the weather.

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The Doctors note that usually, patients won't see any side effects when taking the vitamin, other than possibly spending money.

“The good news is, it’s water soluble, you're not going to get in trouble with it, you're not going to overdose, you’re just wasting your money” adds plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon.

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