Does Too Much Mouthwash Cause Diabetes?

Playing Could Using Mouth Wash Lead to Diabetes?

Everyone loves fresh breath, but is there a downside to using too much mouthwash?

The Doctors discuss a study which claims that using the oral care product more than twice a day may increase your risk of developing diabetes. According to the study, mouthwash can kill both harmful and helpful bacteria in the mouth. The Doctors explain that some of the bacteria destroyed by some mouthwash may protect against things like obesity and diabetes.

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The study looked at 945 overweight or obese people who used mouthwash regularly and who did not already have diabetes. Over the course of 3 years, 30 percent of the people in the study who used mouthwash twice or more a day progressed to being prediabetic or diabetic. People in the study who used mouthwash less frequently, only developed pre-diabetes or diabetes 20 percent of the time.  

The Doctors note that the use of mouthwash and whether it can contribute to developing diabetes in those who are not at a high risk is not known at this time.

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The panel suggests following the directions when it comes to using mouthwash and to use in moderation.