Does Siting for an Hour Really Increase Your Cancer Risk?

Playing Cancer Myths … or Reality?

The Doctors welcome oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro to address some things you may have heard or read in a headline regarding cancer and he weighs in on whether they are a myth or a reality.

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If you sit for an hour you face a greater risk for 9 types of cancer: Dr. Piro says this is a myth, explaining he did a lot of research on this claim and tells us he even contacted The National Cancer Institute and says he was told this claim was a misquote. "There's no knowledge that I can find anywhere that sitting for an hour increases 9 kinds of cancer," he says. But he notes that a sedentary lifestyle can increase inflammation, increase the possibility of obesity, raises blood pressure and can increase the risk of cancer, but notes that taking a break for an hour is not the cause. The Doctors explain that people should think about how they are spending their entire day and not worry about just 1 hour.

Skin cancer rates are declining due to more people using sunscreen?: The oncologist says it is natural to think this is true, but this is actually a myth. He says in many cases those who use sunscreen often only apply it once and then go out into the sun and into the water do not reapply, which he says can lead to excessive sun exposure and possibly skin cancer. He notes that those who wear hats, long sleeves and avoid the sun are often more effective at cutting down their risk of getting skin cancer than those who use sunscreen and go out into the sun for hours and hours without reapplying.

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The Doctors suggest the best approach is to use sunscreen and reapply often and also to use protective measures like hats, umbrellas and long sleeves while outside.