Does Having Kids and Snoring Age You Faster?

Playing The Two Things that Are Aging You Faster

Are women who have given birth to children and people who snore aging faster? The Doctors discuss two recent studies on telomeres, which are the caps found at each end of a chromosome and are associated with longevity.

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According to one of the studies, giving birth shortened the length of women's telomeres by approximately 4.2 percent. The Doctors explain that ideally, telomeres should be long and they say the longer the better. The studies also claim those who are heavy snorers had shorter telomeres.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork suggests taking "these studies with a grain of salt" as there are plenty of parents who live longer than those who do not have children.

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So can anything be done to lengthen one's telomeres? The Doctors report that having sex at least once a week can reportedly lengthen your telomeres. They also note these studies are "basic science studies" and the correlation between the length of a telomere and how long someone will live is still not really known. 

As for snoring, watch the video below to hear Dr. Sonia Batra's -- an admitted snorer -- tips for cutting down on your nighttime noises.