Does Getting Dressed up to Work from Home Help Your Mood?

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Many people haven't dressed up for nearly a year while they work from home, but is choosing to go casual affecting your mood?

HuffPo spoke to mental health experts who say the way we dress while working can affect "mental health and general productivity" -- but they say dressing up and also dressing down can have both positive and negative effects.

Why Dressing up May Help

Psychologist Tracy Thomas tells HuffPo for some -- even if they put in a small amount of effort with their appearance while working from home -- it can provide a great number of benefits. She says it can be "one of the most important things people can do for their emotional, mental and psychological health.” She is quick to note that "dressing up" during the pandemic can be something very minor. “If you’re dazzling and sparkling, even if it’s just putting on a necklace with your tracksuit, you actually will feel more dazzling and sparking in life,” she explains. 

Psychologist Sheva Assar agrees noting that getting dressed for work can help to boost one's motivation and energy. “It gets us out of the cycle of staying in that place of inaction... If we’re wearing athleisure when working out, outside, and when working, it could potentially impact our ability to transition into work mode when we’re wanting to focus on work. So what we’re wearing helps us in making those transitions."

The experts note that a regular morning grooming ritual (like taking a shower, washing your face, doing your hair) may help to boost your overall mood and affect your behavior during the day.

Why Dressing down Might Be What You Need

For others, the relaxed nature of your home office and keeping it casual might provide you with unforeseen benefits. The experts explain if someone spends too much time focusing on what to wear it could negatively affect their work and not having the pressure of finding the perfect look for work (especially since hardly anyone will see you) can be a huge relief and may help you get your work done.

“If you’re spending way too much time thinking about what to wear, it’s getting in the way of you showing up more fully,” Assar notes. Psychologist Wayne Pernell agrees, telling HuffPo, “A lot of people will dress up and show off that they’re dressed up, but they’re not productive.” 

The Doctors feel that while working from home, it's best to be comfortable while keeping it appropriate for any video calls you might have, and we encourage that you keep a routine and schedule when it comes to taking your morning or night shower. 

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