Does CBD Cream for High-Heel Pain Work? We Put it to the Test!

Playing Cream Gets Rid of High-Heel Pain?

Can CBD cream help with your heel pain? Some celebrities reportedly swear by the cream and use it before hitting the red carpet, so we put it to the test!

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The Doctors welcome 4 women, Ashley, Monica, Renee, and Buffy, who all say they love wearing high-heels, but do not love the pain that often comes along with them.

Our "Stiletto Squad" tested out the CBD cream and share their experience using the cannabis-based product.

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Ashley says she "loved it" and found it "very effective." Monica says she really wanted it to work, but did not find that it helped her. Buffy says it helped her wear her highest heel for over 8 hours. And Renee says she felt it "kind of worked," but says she did not enjoy how greasy the product felt when applied.

In a bit of a twist, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork reveals that 2 of the women had the CBD oil and two had a placebo. Find out in the video above who had the real product and who did not. Plus, find out some tips from The Doctors for dealing with heel pain as well.