The Doctors Share Crazy Engagement Stories!

Playing Couple Gets Engaged with the Help of Chicken Nuggets!?

The following material contains mature subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

The Doctors love love and sometimes, love is crazy! Recently, The Doctors discussed the story of a man who used the bride-to-be’s favorite food to propose: chicken nuggets!

“Nothing is more romantic than sharing chicken nuggets with the one you love,” jokes ER physician Dr. Travis Stork! Brett proposed to Stephanie with the ring inside a chicken nugget box. The couple shared online their engagement shoot featuring the nuggets.

Yet, that’s not the craziest proposal The Doctors have heard about. One woman placed an engagement ring inside a chocolate egg and then inserted it into her vagina. She thought when things got intimate, he would find the egg and the ring, but instead, it sent them on a trip to the ER! The egg got stuck and had to be removed with forceps. The good news is, he said yes!

If you think you’ve heard it all, here’s one for you: a 33-year-old woman in England got engaged to a 90-year-old chandelier! This woman, Amanda, calls her chandelier Lumiere, based off of the candelabra that comes to life in “Beauty and the Beast.” It may sound like a joke, but clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho explains it’s not; Amanda has objectophilia, a deep romantic attachment to an inanimate object.

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People with this disorder are attracted to objects and believe the feelings are reciprocated. Dr. Judy adds that at the moment, early research does not classify this as a mental disorder because, amongst other reasons, it’s not causing any harm to Amanda or others. In that case, best of luck to the happy couple!

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