The Doctors Play the Dating Game!

Playing Woman Only into ‘Bad Boys’ Returns to Find Love

Earlier this season The Doctors met Jen, a self-proclaimed lover of bad boys. Jen is a single mother who lives a healthy lifestyle yet can’t seem to find a healthy relationship. The Doctors along with the help of psychiatrist Dr. Ish Major to the rescue! They’ve got three bachelors for Jen to pick from, hopefully, breaking her bad boy addiction.

Prior to questioning the three bachelors hidden behind a screen, Dr. Ish preps Jen. “Are these guys catch and keep or catch and release? Are they a prospect or a project?” He says a common mistake women make on first dates is asking useless questions. This is one mistake Jen isn’t going to make today. Dr. Ish says another common mistake is that women do not set the expectation. He says to let them know who you are, what you’re looking for, and own it!

Jen asks the three bachelors the following questions:

  • Are you dating to date, or dating to marry?
  • What’s one thing you would do every day to make the relationship work?
  • What are your bad habits?
  • What is your relationship like with your mother?

These questions are ones anyone out there dating may want to ask! Check out the video below to see how Jen’s bachelors responded!

Who will it be? Bachelor number one, two or three? Jen has one more question, “How do you feel about kids?”, before she makes her decision. Once Jen makes her pick, ER physician Dr. Travis Stork wants to know what keyed Jen’s decision. Jen says she liked the way he spoke, he had a lot of self-awareness, showed emotional intelligence and she liked his answers. Dr. Ish adds he could see in her body language that she liked this bachelor.

Dr. Travis points out even though these dating games have been around forever, they are great in that they strip away the superficial things since the men aren’t seen. It’s based solely on their responses and words. “Guys fall in love with women we’re attracted to, women grow more attracted to the guys they fall in love with,” Dr. Ish adds. 

Watch the video below to see who Jen picks!

It’s finally time for Jen to meet her man! Brant comes on out from behind the screen. The Doctors have arranged a special date for the two of them!

Dr. Ish delivers The Doctors’ prescription for five-minute techniques to strengthen your relationship. He calls them “micro-moments.” "The future you’re building tomorrow is based on the moments you’re building today," Dr. Ish explains. He suggests a quick cuddle while passing, holding hands while falling asleep, or a totally unexpected surprise gift as quick things a couple can do to create those moments.

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