The Doctors Meet the Tree Man!

Playing How Danny Jones Transformed Into ‘Tree Man’

Fitness trainer Danny Jones joins The Doctors and shares his story of becoming an overnight viral sensation. Danny’s social media account usually gained a few 100 followers in a day but he woke up one morning to find he had 75,000 new followers. Perplexed, he started direct messaging his new followers to inquire how they found him. His first response was simply “Tree. Man.” He then found a random guy had written an article comparing him to a tree!

Danny shares his belief that people underestimate what they can do to their bodies in a short amount of time. He says he has had heavier clients lose a healthy 15-20 pounds in just one month.

Prior to becoming a trainer, Danny himself went through a weight-loss journey. He grew up playing sports and continued to play basketball in college, which allowed him to get away with his unhealthy eating habits. When he stopped playing basketball but continued his eating habits he “started to blow up.” Danny says he lied to himself when he would see pictures, blaming the unflattering photo on the camera. Eventually, he got to the point where he was over 300 pounds and embarrassed to take his shirt off. He knew he wanted to change.

Danny says he eats healthy (lean meats, veggies, healthy fats) 70% of the time and then allows himself treats 30%. Life should be balanced. “I want to be happy and eat my burgers and pizza sometimes! You can’t do it all the time and when you do, watch your portions,” Danny says.

Danny demonstrates two strengthening exercise moves: "walk-outs" for the core and "Superman" for the back. Danny tells viewers to focus on getting stronger and not to worry about the scale or weight. “Just focus on getting stronger and the weight will come off.”

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ER physician Dr. Travis Stork tells Danny, “You’re the most flexible tree I’ve ever seen!” He then reminds viewers to always consult a physician before doing any new exercise routine.

Later in the show, Dr. Travis shares new research that shows weight-bearing leg exercises send neurological signals that are essential for producing new healthy brain cells. These new brain cells allow you to adapt to new mental and physical stresses so you could even improve critical thinking just by doing some squats! The man to show viewers those exercises? “Tree Man” is back to demonstrate two different types of squats!

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