The Doctors Give Hope to Aspiring Artist with Only One Hand

Playing The Hurdles of Having Just One Hand

Natasha shares with The Doctors her struggles growing up with only one hand. Born without a left hand, Natasha says she became very self-conscious and insecure at a young age. She shares that she has suffered from anxiety since she was 11 years old and felt very alone during her teenage years. 

The one thing that made Natasha feel good was art. She says she feels alive when she draws and contributes art to saving her life. Natasha shares that as an adult, she feels having one hand is making life increasingly more difficult. She finds cooking extremely challenging and feels she has been turned down for job opportunities because of her missing hand.

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Natasha tells The Doctors that she dreams about being a comic artist. Dermatologist Dr. Sonia Batra asks Natasha if she has ever tried a prosthesis. Natasha says she had one as a child but it was purely cosmetic to hide her hand. She says it didn’t help her in any way, didn’t help her grip items, and she had to use a smelly lotion to stick it on. She felt it only weighed her down as opposed to helping her which is all she wants in a prosthetic.

The Doctors sent Natasha to meet with prosthetic specialist Dr. Bryan Potok and he joins them in the audience. Dr. Potok delivers some exciting news. He created the “Swiss Army Knife” of prosthetics for Natasha that has a number of attachments to help with all the things she wants to do. The Amputee Store is providing her with attachments that allow her to work her upper body, use a can opener, and use a stylus when working in graphic design programs. There’s one more attachment, a custom guitar pic because Natasha had mentioned she wanted to learn how to play guitar (and her boyfriend is going to be her teacher)!

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Natasha is in tears and expresses her extreme gratitude. The Doctors have another surprise. They have gotten Natasha an internship with Bigfoot Graphics so she can have an opportunity to use her talents and pursue her career dreams!