The Doctors Check-In with Newlyweds and Talk Post-Wedding Weight Gain!

Playing Couple Who Got Engaged in the Emergency Room - Update!

Last year The Doctors met Kayla and Jamacio who got engaged after Jamacio survived a horrific car accident. From the floor of the ER, with the assistance of nurses, Jamacio got down on one knee and proposed to Kayla.

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The Doctors were so moved by the couple they decided to take on wedding planning and throw them their dream wedding. Kayla and Jamacio join The Doctors remotely from their new home in Tennessee to recap their special day!

“It was everything and more than we could have imagined. I know a lot of people say on their wedding day that it was the best day of their lives, by far, it was the best day of our lives!” exclaims Kayla.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon wants to know how the honeymoon went! The couple shares that leading up to the wedding they couldn’t wait for their honeymoon. One highlight? On their sunset cruise, they saw some of the filming locations from “The Bachelor.” 

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They say newlywed life is great and Jamacio comments on how much he loves being able to call Kayla his wife. However, he does have one question for The Doctors. Jamacio shares that he has recently gained about 30 pounds in a very short amount of time! He says he weighed 155 pounds at the start of the month and now towards the end, he is at 188 pounds. “How do you manage working full time, coming home late, how do you manage gym time?”

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork says that good health and staying at a healthy weight ironically is not about getting to the gym for an hour a day. “It’s the other 23 hours you have to pay attention to.”

Dr. Travis advises Jamacio to pay attention to all the other moments in the day and try and build activity into them. For example, taking a conference call on his feet. 

Dr. Travis says the number one thing to pay attention to though, is the food. Focus on food. Dr. Ordon notes how as newlyweds going out to eat and cooking together is part of the bonding experience, but they have to work at it together as a couple to make the right choices.

“Learning how to cook together in a healthy way as a couple is such a bonding experience,” adds Dr. Travis.

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