Doctor Details Delivering a Baby during a Trans-Atlantic Flight!

Playing Baby Born Mid-Flight?

The Doctors welcome urologist Dr. Sij Hemal, who delivered a baby in the middle of a flight while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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Dr. Hemal first thought the woman, who was dealing pain in the pelvic area, might be dealing with kidney stones, but when she revealed she was 39 weeks pregnant, he knew she was going into labor. During medical school, the urologist delivered only six babies, but he says with the help of the flight crew, they sprung into action and helped the mom deliver the baby in the middle of the flight.

"It was a team effort. Everyone came together for one common goal and at 35,000 feet we just worked in so much harmony and peace and it was incredible," he says.

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The mom who delivered did experience some bleeding following the birth, but Dr. Hemal worked to stop the bleeding and monitored the new mom to ensure that she was safe.

OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landry says this story highlights that taking a flight while 39 weeks pregnant is not ideal and should be avoided if possible.