Do You Know the Many Health Benefits of Cherries?

Playing Cherries Pack a Punch of Health Benefits

The Doctors quiz their audience. What health benefits can be attributed to eating cherries?

A) Ease arthritis pain
B) Reduce post-workout muscle soreness
C) Help lower blood pressure
D) All of the above

If you said "D," you'd be correct! These sweet treats can really do a body good! Chiropractor expert Dr. Bryan Abasolo shares that many studies show the benefits of cherries. They are anti-inflammatory and great for gout as well as arthritis.

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He shares another study in which long-distance runners ingested tart cherry juice and had less muscle soreness after their race. 

As for blood pressure, cherries are loaded with polyphenols which are terrific antioxidants. A study done on men with early hypertension showed cherries were able to reduce blood pressure by 20%!

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The Doctors like the taste of the tart cherry juice and suggest diluting it if you are watching your calorie or sugar intake. OB/GYN Dr. Nita Landy points out eating cherries or drinking the juice is something practical you could do for your health.

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