Do You Know the Many Benefits of Omega-3s?

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Playing Omega-3s: Benefits from Head to Toe

Dr. Ordon shares how Omega-3’s can help your body from head to toe. Studies have shown Omega-3s can play a crucial role in cognitive brain health. They may also contribute to healthy skin, hair, and benefit your eyes supporting your vision.

That’s not all these essential building blocks do. Omega-3s are beneficial to cardiovascular health because they can help to support healthy blood flow in our arteries. They may help you move better too, because they have been shown to support healthy joints.

Dr. Ordon shares a recent survey which found that although many people believe Omega-3s are important to their health, many have low levels. But who wouldn’t want to reap all those benefits?

You can get Omega-3s by eating cold water fish, soybeans and walnuts. You can also consider an Omega-3 supplement like MegaRed Advanced 4in1 because, for some, diet alone is not enough.

As a reminder, always talk to your doctor first before taking any supplements.

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