Do You Know If These Common Health Beliefs Are Myth or Reality?

Playing Does Caffeine Really Dehydrate?

The Doctors invite on otolaryngologist and author of “Hype” Dr. Nina Shapiro to set the record straight on three common health beliefs.

Can caffeine make you dehydrated? The Doctors asked their viewers and of the 35,000 who weighed in, 76% think this is a reality. Yet, it’s not. Dr. Shapiro says caffeine-containing products have fluid in them, so even if there is a diuretic effect, the amount of liquid offsets the amount you pee out, so it’s not really dehydrating. “You make a good point, coffee has a ton of water in it!” plastic surgeon expert Dr. Andrew Ordon notes!

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Do you believe there is a connection between snoring and ADHD? Well, there is! Dr. Shapiro wants to clarify that snoring does not cause ADHD and ADHD is not cured by fixing the snoring issues. ADHD kids and adults often do have sleep disorders. Dr. Shapiro suggests that people getting evaluated for ADHD should also include if they have a sleep issue.

Dermatologist expert Dr. Sonia Batra points out that a child with sleep issues will sometimes mimic symptoms of ADHD and that could lead to misdiagnoses. If the sleep problem is treated often the believed ADHD (which actually isn’t) will go away.

Can Vitamin C supplements treat a cold? Out of 23,000 people The Doctors asked, 64% think this is a reality. It’s a myth! Dr. Shapiro says Vitamin C doesn’t treat or prevent colds. “That being said, if you feel Vitamin C is helping you, then take it,” says Dr. Shapiro. Dr. Batra says this is a placebo effect and Vitamin C is the number one supplement sold! “The good news is, it’s water soluble, you're not going to get in trouble with it, not going to overdose, you’re just wasting your money!” says Dr. Ordon.