Do Not Try THIS Sleep Hack But Here Are 5 You Can Do

Playing Can Taping Your Mouth Improve Sleep Quality?

The Doctors discuss a bizarre sleeping hack that some have been claiming helps them sleep better: taping their mouths shut! Ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Andrew Ordon says our nose and mouth are meant to work together and tape is potentially dangerous! However, The Doctors have some other useful ideas that may help improve your shuteye!

Bulletproof founder & CEO Dave Asprey explains why swapping out your regular lights for amber or red lights (or even wearing red light glasses) could be beneficial for your entire family.

Plenty of products claim to help with sleep but a weighted blanket gets sleep specialist Dr. Raj Dasgupta’s seal of approval!

The Doctors had three guests test out the Klova sleep patch, and some of those testers were singing its praises!

A new study suggests more sex leads to more sleep. Get down to get dreaming!


Yet if your partner is a snorer, you may want to consider moving to a separate beds post-sex. The Doctors meet one couple who swear a “sleep divorce” is how they sleep well and keep their marriage strong.

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