Do Dimly Lit Rooms Affect Memory and the Ability to Learn?

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Playing Drs. Rx: How Lighting May Affect Your Brain

You might want to open the blinds, turn on the lights and get some sunshine! The Doctors discuss how a recent study found that spending too much time in dimly lits areas may change the structure of the brain.

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The study reportedly found that a lack of light affected both memory and the ability to learn. A second study found the addition of bright lights to a room helped maintain a test subject's alertness.

ER physician Dr. Travis Stork suggests if you are doing something that requires alertness and maximum brain power to make sure there is enough light in your space, whether you are at home, work or school.

"[If] you're doing a tough assignment, try some bright light," he says.

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He also notes that a light bulb with the proper level of brightness is important to have in any space where you might be working or studying.